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Where are all the Black People?

Within games and gaming communities alike, there is an overwhelming lack of diversity: Fantasy games like Dragon Age or Final Fantasy have a surprising lack of black and brown people aside from the few used as plot points. The addition of female soldiers in Call of Duty: WW2 had male fans in an uproar about historical accuracy—what, were women not … Continue reading “Where are all the Black People?” Continue reading

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Darwin’s Narrow View of Foreign People

In my Global Africa class we have recently been discussing the worldwide slave trade which, in the mid to late 19th century, morphed into colonialism on the African continent.  Our professor has been very thorough in outlining all of the factors which contributed to the subjugation of Africans.  Many of the ideas about Africans which […] Continue reading

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Do you know what that is? It’s called “white privilege” …

White people … do you notice the white privilege that surrounds you everyday? Thanks to your parents and ancestry, your white skin has given you superiority unlike none other. If you don’t believe me .. take the quiz copied below. If you can say YES for most of the questions .. YOU HAVE WHITE PRIVILEGE. […] Continue reading

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Today’s lecture in preparation for Monday’s final lecture brought up the interesting topic of race and its place in the media. I am aware that television shows do certain things or portray certain people in order to provide comic relief and improve ratings but is it alright to condone racism or promote stereotypes in order […] Continue reading

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