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To Sulk Upon My Joyful Mother’s Breast

In William Blake’s “Infant Joy” within his compilation of Songs of Innocence, the jubilant speaker sings of joy in hopes that a newborn infant will find it in life, yet it is not made clear if the speaker is the mother or the baby themselves. In his companion piece “Infant Sorrow” found within his Songs […] Continue reading

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Troll Culture

Like most of you, I cannot get this election off of my mind. I have not been able to focus and write these blogs like I usually do without glancing at my social media every five minutes to see if some new, terrible act has been committed in his name. There is also a part … Continue reading “Troll Culture” Continue reading

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A Story About My Failure

By A. A. BENJAMIN There’s a game sitting in my Steam queue that I haven’t played for months. I’ve gotten to the very last level, and just can’t get across this dreaded chasm. It’s called A Story About My Uncle, and trying to “grapple” with computer keys and a touch pad didn’t drive me nuts […] Continue reading

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I’ll Pay You For Your Screwed Up Game

By A. A. BENJAMIN   There is a potential Donkey Kong kill screen coming up if anyone’s interested.     This, to me, was the most powerful line in the entire King of Kong: Fistful of Quarters movie. For a couple of reasons. First, I appreciated the dorky way Brian Kuh ran around announcing this […] Continue reading

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Trying to talk to you–communication in a Super Sad True Love Story

I’ll start by saying: all art is in one way or another about communication. When honestly done, this makes art one of the most special things we as human beings achieve. No other species, as far as I can tell, acts on their imagination as much as us. And literature, writing, whether it be poetry […] Continue reading

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Crake is a believer in Rodan’s famous maxim, “I think, therefore I am.” Crake is almost comical in this regard. Anything that is thought of is real, although not necessarily physical and comprehendable. DISCLAIMER: Do not watch this video! As I began thinking about this blog post, the thought seemed to take on a life […] Continue reading

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A Look at Literature Via Cloud Atlas

In his novel Cloud Atlas, David Mitchell makes some creative moves in connecting his barely connected stories.  The novel is one of the most self-aware books I’ve ever read.  Mitchell introduces the idea that his characters may be reincarnated versions of each other, but before that idea is even allowed to germinate, he has one of […] Continue reading

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White women REALLY want to be black!!!!

I read an article three weeks ago written by “an angry black woman” entitled The Truth About White Women. She claims that white women really want to be black women. That is why they get their skin tanned (darker skin is believed to be more attractive), spend money on lip injections (fuller lips are believed […] Continue reading

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