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Reflection: My Time as an English Major

Alejandro Joseph Serrano Professor Humberto Garcia Senior Thesis: William Blake 10 December, 2019 Reflection: My Time as an English Major The story in which I became an English major is not an ordinary tale for readers. In order to understand my academic career at the University of California, Merced, there is a bit of context […] Continue reading

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21st Century Cryptanalyst

In chapter one of The Code Book, Simon Signh writes, “Cryptanalysis could not be invented until a civilization had reached a sufficiently sophisticated level of scholarship in several disciplines, including mathematics, statistics, and linguistics.” (p. 15) This is a valid point. However, the necessity of education to become a cryptanalyst during the period of deep […] Continue reading

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Kimberly Martinez-Melchor Humberto Garcia English 190 May 1, 2018 From the Sciences to the Arts: Timeless English Literature   Coming into my freshman year here at UC Merced I had a plan already set in stone; I was going to study human biology and obtain some sort of medical internship during my time here which […] Continue reading

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Final Post (Reflection)

The Observable Universe (Thus Far) I learned quite a bit this semester and it definitely changes the way in which I look at the universe. Coming into the course I could name the planets of our Solar System and that is about it, so I basically had no previous astronomical knowledge. For the most part … Continue reading Final Post (Reflection) Continue reading Continue reading

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Learning from your pre-teen angst posts

“In other words, when participating in networked publics, many participants embrace a widespread public by default, private through effort mentality.” – (boyd 62) I think this quote sums up the unofficial “terms of agreement” teens subconsciously accept when participating in social media. In the chapter, boyd argues that the amount of effort required to constantly […] Continue reading

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A Semester Reflection

Taking astronomy this semester has been awesome. I’ve always loved space but had never previously had the chance to learn about it in a formal setting. It’s unfeasible for us humans to have a real understanding of the size of the universe – numbers like “billions of light-years” are impossible fully grasp when the only […] Continue reading Continue reading

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Looking to the Future

Coming into college, I was excited to finally be able to take astronomy courses to satisfy my science requirements, since I had always had a mild interest in space. Taking ASTR 102 in my fall semester opened my eyes to just how extensive the universe was, and what an incredible way in which it developed.… Continue reading Looking to the Future Continue reading Continue reading

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Looking Forward

This class has taught me to never doubt human innovation.  Man has been looking to the stars since the beginning and the milestones we have made over the centuries are astounding.  Ancient peoples figured out orbital speeds and distances of the planets by just observing the night sky, and nowadays, we have traversed open space […] Continue reading Continue reading

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