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Los & Orc’s War on Oppression

In Plates 17 and 18, lines 37-39, 1-11 (p. 106), why does Los prepare for epic war along with Orc, who arrives with “furious terrors” and “golden chariots”? Explain the significance of this cosmic battle for Blake’s prophetic vision of Europe. In Blake’s poems from, “Europe a Prophecy,” various references of biblical nature are adapted […] Continue reading

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Senegal: Islaminization Local Politics

Exploitation in the Name of Education Senegal has made inadequate progress in protecting thousands of young boys in Quranic boarding schools from exploitation, forced begging, and often extreme physical abuse at the hands of their teachers according to the Human Rights Watch. The 43-page report examines Senegal’s mixed record in addressing the problem in the… Continue reading

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Sudan: Lies, New Governments, and Possible Peace

And You Thought Reform Would Actually Occur Despite President’s Bashir’s promise to announce a reform plan, he disappointed his nation with an hour-long speech on Monday, January 27th, that held nothing new. He discussed the need for reform, but gave no solutions to the problems plaguing the nation. However, he did announce the establishment of… Continue reading

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Sudan: Reform, Refugees, and Landmines

Proposed Political Reform Sudanese President Omer Hassan al-Bashir has reportedly been working on a reform plan since last year. Proposed initiatives include peace deals with rivals through dialogue to be incorporated into a new constitution, freedom of association, freedom of expression, a program for poverty reduction, and making citizenship the basis of all rights. He… Continue reading

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