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Six stories. Six periods in history. Six genres. Six geographical locations. Six modes of storytelling. Cloud Atlas links these diverse stories together with the idea that characters are reincarnations of each other. If you thought, or maybe wished, that the reincarnation theme was just implied and not certain, Mitchell has dashed all your hopes because he […] Continue reading

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Adaptation Integrity and Reincarnation in Cloud Atlas

Warning: Some spoilers ahead for both the book and movie version of Cloud Atlas. The tagline for the film adaption of David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas reads: “Everything is Connected.” These three words succinctly communicate the theme of both the book and film version of the story. However, while the theme of connection is generally the […] Continue reading

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The Logistics of Reincarnation

Hints of reincarnation are strewn throughout Cloud Atlas. While David Mitchell has said that he didn’t intend for this to be a theme, it is nevertheless an intriguing concept to entertain. Also, the film adaptation of the book makes this theme much more apparent, to the point where it is interesting to consider, at least. […] Continue reading

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