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Los & Orc’s War on Oppression

In Plates 17 and 18, lines 37-39, 1-11 (p. 106), why does Los prepare for epic war along with Orc, who arrives with “furious terrors” and “golden chariots”? Explain the significance of this cosmic battle for Blake’s prophetic vision of Europe. In Blake’s poems from, “Europe a Prophecy,” various references of biblical nature are adapted […] Continue reading

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God’s (Innocent) Kids Aren’t Alright

My arrangement of the plates from William Blake’s Songs of Innocence aimed at recounting the observations and reflections of an omniscient narrator/onlooker. Through the my selections I formed a narrative that questions the effectiveness of religious faith as a form of personal and social governance. The poems I chose were “Holy Thursday,” “The Chimney Sweep,” and “On […] Continue reading

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Questioning Absolutes

We read much of Blake’s work as an attack on empiricism.  Beginning with his critique of Sir Joshua Reynolds’ representation of genius as following a certain form, Blake continually critiques acceptance of absolutes.  Through this Blake uncovers the contraries constructing the idea of absolute fact, implying that empirical “proven” data is not more valuable than […] Continue reading

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