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Foreshadowing in “Ex Machina”

“Ex Machina” is a 2014 film in which programmer Caleb Smith, who works at a Google-like company, is not-so-randomly chosen for a private retreat at the CEO’s compound. The CEO—Nathan Bateman—lives alone, with the exception of a servant named Kyoko that doesn’t speak English and a humanoid robot named Ava. Caleb is brought to the […] Continue reading

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Room 0023

Room 0023 read the white numbers etched into the grey door in front of me. I looked down at the note that The Professor had written me, Today’s Assignment: Room 0023. Knock first, Helen likes to answer the door. I raised my hand and tapped on the door. Helen answered. She stood in front of […] Continue reading

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Alternative Ending to Helen O’Loy by Lester del Rey

The trees and fields of the fruit ranch came into view as I drove along in the rental car. I had taken a rocket that morning after the strange text communication I received from Dave the day before. Help. Held prisoner by Helen. Imp. Bring EMP device – Dave I didn’t understand what Dave meant […] Continue reading

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Robots and Post-Scarcity Society

Imagine a future reminiscent of the future featured in Frederik Pohl’s “The Midas Plague”, in which the entirety of the labor needed to provide for humanity’s needs and wants is performed by machines that operate automatically–by robots. This is hardly a new idea; a century and a half ago, many people were convinced that the […] Continue reading

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Closet Improvement

For many people, an earth-shattering technological breakthrough, and one that I believe will happen in the next fifty years, would be a closet that arranges outfits on its own. One would simply put an item into the closet, and the closet would, perhaps through some kind of scanner system, identify the type, style, color, fabric, […] Continue reading

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