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Her Brain Proved Wide Enough for My Sky

Usually, texts in which a male creator forms a feminine robot tend to fall into one of two categories. The first, (which I previously discussed here), are essentially sexbot stories – men creating programmable women to be ideal partners without any of … Continue reading

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Once, They Were Wonders

“What type of worker do you think is best from a practical point of view?” “Oh! Perhaps the one who is most honest and hardworking.” “No. The one that is the cheapest. The one whose requirements are the smallest.” This discussion of robots Karel Čapek’… Continue reading

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She Made Herself

In 8 AD, Pygmalion prays a statue to life to be his wife. In 1886, Ewald enlists a fictional Thomas Edison to create Hadaly, a romantic companion who would have the beauty of a human woman without the pesky spirit. In 2009’s (distressingly orientalist)… Continue reading

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Science Fiction Themes Through the Decades

Taking this course was my very first introduction to science fiction. If I had to name one takeaway from what I’ve learned, it’s that science fiction is not about humans, but rather human nature. It’s about what issues us humans are facing in our current moment, and how those issues can be exploited through developments […] Continue reading

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The New Age of Technology and Sports

According to the National Federation of State High School Associations, the overall number of student athletes in high school sports has consecutively increased for the 29thyear now. As students get older, this increase in popularity for sports will likely extend into college and to the professional level. Consistent with this prediction, statistics from professional leagues […] Continue reading

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Ted Chiang AI Talk Highlights: Singularity?

In his talk last Monday here at Vanderbilt, Ted Chiang joined a panel to talk about the future of Artificial Intelligence. He spoke about what A.I. means for humanity, and contested the possibility of the singularity (a.k.a. the technology explosion that occurs when computers begin programming smarter computers, with those smarter computers programming even smarter […] Continue reading

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Science Fiction: Disrupting the Art World?

Some previous posts on the blog have discussed how culture – art and fashion – are represented in science fiction. But is science fiction ever represented in art? I have two words for you: Meow Wolf. Meow Wolf is an immersive, interactive art experience based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The inaugural exhibition, The House of […] Continue reading

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Foreshadowing in “Ex Machina”

“Ex Machina” is a 2014 film in which programmer Caleb Smith, who works at a Google-like company, is not-so-randomly chosen for a private retreat at the CEO’s compound. The CEO—Nathan Bateman—lives alone, with the exception of a servant named Kyoko that doesn’t speak English and a humanoid robot named Ava. Caleb is brought to the […] Continue reading

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The Final Frontier of Privacy

Technology’s purpose is to make life more convenient for humans. From the advent of the wheel to the creation of the smartphone, continual innovation has made everyday tasks easier for human beings. Yet such innovation often comes at a cost, and in recent years, that cost has taken the form of a loss of privacy. […] Continue reading

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“War Games”

Military Science Fiction is quite prevalent, and AI and robots are ubiquitous in Sci-Fi. Then what explains this rarity of AI as competent generals/commanders? I would argue that because Science Fiction is bound by the rules of telling a good story, there are certain technological concepts that the genre has not figured out how to include while still preserving the story’s familiarity to the reader. Continue reading

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