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Taking the Video Out of the Game

Looking through the historical progression of games, there seems to be a fairly smooth path that points towards video games being the current end point. This makes sense considering that video games and VR are the peak of gaming technology, but what about the games that go back in time? As an avid board game … Continue reading “Taking the Video Out of the Game” Continue reading

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Seveneves: The Role-Playing Game!

  [featured image taken from When you were a kid, did you ever play those games where you would look up to the sky and imagine the clouds as bunnies, dragons, or anything in between? Did you ever play the ever-popular “the floor is lava” game? If so, fantastic, because as a kid you’re … Continue reading “Seveneves: The Role-Playing Game!” Continue reading

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Learning to Play

For full effect, please play this. A lot of people have games that they consider integral parts of their childhood.  As we have discussed in class, for a lot of people this game was Pokemon.  For others, Super Mario Bros or the Zelda series were the cornerstones in their gaming careers.  For me, that game was Morrowind. For those who are not … Continue reading “Learning to Play” Continue reading

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Without character development, you’re cooked: thus go the mantras of jillions of creative writing profs and zillions of RPGs.  As you read this, college dorms from Fairbanks to Fort Lauderdale are stirring with under-rested, over-caffeinated undergraduates, jittery with anticipation as they pen the last few pages of this semester’s final Intro to Narrative Fiction story.  […] Continue reading

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