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Music of the Future as Depicted in Science Fiction Films

Have you ever wondered how cultures might change in the future? Will people hold on to their customs, or will individual cultures dissipate into an ever-growing melting pot? Science fiction has somewhat answered that question through its filmic presentation of music in technologically advanced worlds. Science fiction has integrated technology into current musical and cultural […] Continue reading

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Building Our New Home

Many of us recognize the iconic potato farm that Matt Damon incredulously built from human feces, water from rocket fuel, and Thanksgiving potatoes. And while The Martian certainly did take a few scientific liberties, it had most scientists agreeing that farming on Mars wasn’t completely out of the question. In fact in August 2015 astronauts […] Continue reading

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Climate Change: the thin line between science fiction and reality

Science fiction authors have written about the effects of global climate change for years. Many writers have imagined the measures we humans will have to take to survive what most scientists now believe is Earth’s sixth mass extinction. In stories like Mayflower II and Kyrie, humans have had to evacuate the earth, finding new living […] Continue reading

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The Fashion of the Future´╗┐

Some of the most interesting things to examine when reading or watching Science Fiction are the differences between our world and the story’s world—I’m pretty sure that everyone can agree on that much. Most of the time, people focus on the differing technology or weird/alien social customs. However, not as many people talk about a […] Continue reading

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1807 words for one big debate: science & religion

At the risk of anyone thinking that this post might offer anywhere near a comprehensive view of the interplay between science and religion – it won’t. I can’t even say that I’ll make a dent, so please start with no expectations. They’ll just ruin the fun.   With that said, let’s begin!   Disclaimer: I’m […] Continue reading

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Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?

While I was home over winter break, I found myself in the mood to read something new.  A few years ago my family moved houses, and since I was leaving for college soon after I only kept books that I really loved—but thus had already read. So, the pickings on my bookshelf were pretty slim. […] Continue reading

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Seveneves: The Role-Playing Game!

  [featured image taken from When you were a kid, did you ever play those games where you would look up to the sky and imagine the clouds as bunnies, dragons, or anything in between? Did you ever play the ever-popular “the floor is lava” game? If so, fantastic, because as a kid you’re … Continue reading “Seveneves: The Role-Playing Game!” Continue reading

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Genetic Horror in Annihilation

Very interesting article on the new film directed by Alex Garland, Annihilation (2018). Advertisements Continue reading

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Pleasure & Decay: A Hunger for Decadence

The Hunger Games film series is a post-apocalyptic dystopian fiction directed by Gary Ross and based on the trilogy written by Suzanne Collins. The film begins with the “reaping” ceremony for the selection of one boy and girl between 12 and 18 years of age from each of the twelve districts who will train and […] Continue reading

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Metamorphosis and Mirrors

[Please Note: This text contains minor spoilers for the 2017 television series “Twin Peaks: The Return.”] The season finale of “Twin Peaks: The Return” earlier this month created a seismic ripple amongst David Lynch devotees of the Internet. The proliferation of detail-obsessed fan theories, wikis in at least six languages, and thoughtful analytic pieces speaks […] Continue reading

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