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Self-Annihilation of the Material Constructs and the Reconnection with Nature

Through examining the concluding illustration in William Blake’s Milton, I argue that the role of humans in the Last Judgement is the self-annihilation of the material self, and a reconnection with nature. The illustration demonstrates three abnormal human figures that represent the reconnection with nature. The figures on the left and right are resemblant of […] Continue reading

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Embracing Self-Annihilation

Near the end of Book II of his famed work Milton, William Blake shows his readers suggestive pictures of male figures participating in oral sex while also focusing heavily on the topic of “self-annihilation”. While the act itself does not self-annihilate through giving up one’s life, it serves its purpose by entering the realm of […] Continue reading

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Ololon’s False Self-Identification

In forming a contrary, two opposing ideas or being create a new, fuller meaning in their relationship to one another.  Despite Ololon’s self-identification as Milton’s contrary, she does not fulfill this purpose.  Notably, Olonon’s self-identification as Milton’s contrary comes in the form of a question; even this status depends on his validation.  The question is […] Continue reading

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