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Lost & Maybe Found?

I think we’ve lost it -our true purpose as writers, scientists, students, or whatever title you feel suits your calling. I say we, and place myself in a position of high guilt, because I didn’t even realize something was missing until I read “Ship Fever” by Andrea Barrett. The novella details the 1847 Typhus epidemic. […] Continue reading

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Stories Give Life (and Give it Meaning)

When you listen to someone tell a story, it’s sort of like you get to live a small part of someone else’s life.  It could be the life of the storyteller, of a fictional person, or of someone else who first told the story.  In Andrea Barrett’s short story “The Behavior of the Hawkweeds,” from […] Continue reading

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As I write this last blog I’m honestly not interested by any of the scientific discoveries, the genetic research, or our extensive discussions on the morality of chimeras. At least not intrigued enough to reflect on it now. It was certainly thought-provoking, but it’s not what I’m thinking of when I look back at this […] Continue reading

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