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Could Slavery Come Back?

The most difficult scenes to read in Kindred are the ones that describe whipping. I knew that it was an extremely painful punishment, but without having experienced it, I never would have understood its powerful psychological effects in maintaining the power imbalance during slavery. After reading Kindred, I gained a new understanding of the violence […] Continue reading

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Blake and Paine Unite

Through my interpretation of The Little Black Boy, there are multiple similarities that realign between Blakes message and Paine’s radical ideals via his Swedenborgian-Moravian view of Christianity. There were a few points Paine made that stood out to me, that of which in themselves detest the social norm of slavery at that time. The first being […] Continue reading

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Finding Joy

Moments upon birth, joy was all Joy could hope for in his newfound future, blissfully innocent and ignorant of the horrors that he was destined to bare that would threaten this clear vision of life. Born with black skin and a white soul, he struggled to obtain joy when people with white skin and black […] Continue reading

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I Was Lost, Then I Was Found

Before finding inner peace, I was lost. Where can I venture to find peace within myself? Along the path I see nothing but darkness, My feet feel as if they are becoming one with the ground. Never to move again.   Will I be forever trapped in this pit of darkness? This realm of shadows […] Continue reading

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Slavery in Cloud Atlas

There are numerous themes that permeate David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas – reincarnation, connectedness, trust, and human nature are just a few. But often overlooked is the allusion to slavery, which, while explicit in some sections, remains much more subtle in others. In Adam Ewing’s story this theme is quite clear. Autua, the African slave who […] Continue reading

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Learning and Fun: A History Nerd’s Perspective

I love History. SO. MUCH. In second grade, my elementary school had “career day” where we dressed up like what job we wanted to have when we grew up. I wore a vintage outfit and cape in order to be a “docent seamstress.” In my free time, I would devour books about life in historical […] Continue reading

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