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The Solar Eclipse

  What you see above is an almost total solar eclipse. One of the easiest astrological phenomenons to observe due to its size in the sky is a solar or lunar eclipse. Now what is an eclipse exactly? Well it when either the moon aligns perfectly between the sun and earth in the case of […] Continue reading Continue reading

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Solar Eclipse

Today, residents of Europe got to see something truly spectacular. In the early morning hours, a solar eclipse occurred (a total solar eclipse was viewed by residents of islands in the far North of Europe). This eclipse coincided with the Spring equinox (which occurs on the first day of Spring) as well as a Supermoon, which… Continue reading Continue reading

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The Culture of Solar Eclipses

While we discussed the science behind solar eclipses and totality in class on Wednesday, I wanted to explore the culture and lore behind solar eclipses. Total solar eclipses are very rare: at any particular location on earth, a total solar eclipse will only be visible once every 360 years! However, many “eclipse chasers” are undaunted by … Continue reading The Culture of Solar Eclipses Continue reading Continue reading

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Blog #2: Eclipses

Both in class and while reading the textbook, I found myself particularly fascinated by the phenomena of eclipses. Although it would be extremely cool to see eclipses every month, the fact that they do not occur very often because the moon’s orbit is tilted by 5° with respect to the ecliptic makes them so special […] Continue reading Continue reading

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The 2017 Nashville Eclipse!

In class yesterday we talked about eclipses and so here’s the post about it! The totally awesome (and very dedicated) Mr. Eclipse (i.e., The Ultimate Resource for Eclipse Photography) is a favorite of NASA so they use his diagrams on their eclipse website. The foremost resource for the 2017 eclipse is  The Interactive Google […] Continue reading Continue reading

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Hybrid Solar Eclipse

Eclipses can be very beautiful things. We can all go online and look up images of solar eclipses taken from Earth. You can either see a total solar eclipse, where the sun in completely covered by the moon, or an annular where the sun is only partially covered by the moon because the moon is […] Continue reading Continue reading

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