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Space Travel?

Jumping into hyperspace to make a lightspeed escape is typically something normally associated with the Millennium Falcon’s capabilities. Our technology, sad to say, is far from the point to where we could safely travel at such speeds. Therefore, even though there are plenty potential hotspots for investigation for life, civilized or microbial, habitable conditions, or … Continue reading Space Travel? Continue reading Continue reading

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Ethics of Space Travel

As eager as we are to explore the solar system and beyond, space is not a very hospital place. Muscular atrophy, increased exposure to harmful radiation, and insomnia are just a few of the effects of spaceflight on the human body. Even acknowledging these known risks and the possibility of others, many people are eager … Continue reading Ethics of Space Travel Continue reading Continue reading

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Where is everybody?

Despite evidence that suggests that there should be extraterrestrial civilizations, we have not yet detected any signs of these civilizations. This issue is called the “Fermi Paradox,” after Enrico Fermi—a Nobel Prize-winning physicist. Compared to the lifespan of the universe, our sun is relatively young at 4.6 billion years old, so there are older stars […] Continue reading Continue reading

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Space Weather

In this post, we will be discussing space weather! Space weather is dissimilar from the weather that we experience on earth, however it is still fascinating to understand. Space weather, in our solar system, is sparked by activity on the suns surface. Spewing gases and solar flares on the surface of the sun form into … Continue reading Space Weather Continue reading Continue reading

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Retrieving Voyager 1 – A Rescue Mission

In 1977, NASA launched Voyager 1 to study the far reaches of our solar system. The program was a tremendous success: not only did the probe gather useful information about Jupiter and Saturn, it also captured the first detailed images of their moons (including a flyby of Titan, Saturn’s largest moon). Even now, after Voyager … Continue reading Retrieving Voyager 1 – A Rescue Mission Continue reading Continue reading

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Building Our New Home

Many of us recognize the iconic potato farm that Matt Damon incredulously built from human feces, water from rocket fuel, and Thanksgiving potatoes. And while The Martian certainly did take a few scientific liberties, it had most scientists agreeing that farming on Mars wasn’t completely out of the question. In fact in August 2015 astronauts […] Continue reading

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Time Travel

While transporting a human from 2019 to the age of the dinosaurs might be a little ways off in terms of technological development, there is another form of time travel that occurs every day and all it takes to appreciate is a glance at the sky. One of the more thought-provoking aspects of the universe … Continue reading Time Travel Continue reading Continue reading

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Intro Post

Here is a photo I took at Joshua Tree National Park, this is one of my favorite astrophotography pictures I have taken over the years. Continue reading Continue reading

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A new Stellar Catalog

A new two-year long study done by the European Space Agency has created the most comprehensive survey of the universe ever recorded. The Gaia project has cataloged over 1.7 billion stars, 14,000 asteroids and numerous galaxies and galaxy clusters spread throughout the universe. What started out as a relatively small affair eventually exploded into a … Continue reading A new Stellar Catalog Continue reading Continue reading

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Where Do We Go from Here?

Given that NASA is a government agency, it’s a little worrisome how it’s funding can be pretty wantonly taken and given as the government sees fit. (That’s why privatization of the space industry through companies like Elon Musk’s SpaceX is so necessary) However, Nasa is currently budgeted .5% of our national budget- that’s 18.4 billion-so […] Continue reading Continue reading

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