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Reinventing The Science Babe

Feminism. This controversial word, which essentially means that men and women should have equal rights, has so many connotations, and unfortunately most of them are negative. I’m a proud feminist, and even in 2015, it’s disconcerting for me to see so many stereotypical and often farcical portrayals of women. I love J.J. Abrams and his rendition […] Continue reading

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Altruism: That’s just bad economics

How many decisions do people make everyday?  How many are conscious?  Unconscious?  While the jury is still out trying to “average” the number of decisions one makes in a day, the number is staggeringly high.  For, example, with each key I punch by moving my finger to type this blog post, I make a decision.  […] Continue reading

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Why is Literature so Scared of Genetics?

This semester, we’ve read a lot of works that pit literature and science against each other. Brave New World does it, Oryx and Crake does it, Generosity does it…you get the idea. I can see the conflict–heck, I try to make my sociology major friends admit that their chosen vocation is not a “real science” […] Continue reading

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