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Where are all the Black People?

Within games and gaming communities alike, there is an overwhelming lack of diversity: Fantasy games like Dragon Age or Final Fantasy have a surprising lack of black and brown people aside from the few used as plot points. The addition of female soldiers in Call of Duty: WW2 had male fans in an uproar about historical accuracy—what, were women not … Continue reading “Where are all the Black People?” Continue reading

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Reinventing The Science Babe

Feminism. This controversial word, which essentially means that men and women should have equal rights, has so many connotations, and unfortunately most of them are negative. I’m a proud feminist, and even in 2015, it’s disconcerting for me to see so many stereotypical and often farcical portrayals of women. I love J.J. Abrams and his rendition […] Continue reading

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Women in Politics- an Examination

This week’s movie, Election, is tied so far as my favorite movie that we have watched in class up until this point. I was not only entertained by the subtle humor of the film, however, but was also forced to … Continue reading Continue reading

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Lighting and Parallels

The scene in “But I’m a Cheerleader” in which Megan and Graham first kiss is ripe with discussion-worthy material (watch here: But I\’m a Cheerleader – first kiss).  To recoup, Graham follows Megan outside of Cocksuckers after Megan grows jealous that … Continue reading Continue reading

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Today’s lecture in preparation for Monday’s final lecture brought up the interesting topic of race and its place in the media. I am aware that television shows do certain things or portray certain people in order to provide comic relief and improve ratings but is it alright to condone racism or promote stereotypes in order […] Continue reading

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race and sports

Here is an interesting/funny video on how sports became racially divided. Although it doesn’t really explain anything it just shows how stupid it is to have certain stereotypes. [youtube][/youtube]   Continue reading

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The Authority of Gender Norms

Even one’s own gender tends to possess authority over a person, limiting one’s choices through social and behavioral norms. Although modern people do not adhere to these constructs as rigidly as in previous times, males and females continue to follow … Continue reading Continue reading

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