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The Theatricality of Cryptography

The first chapter of Singh’s The Code Book is packed with historical examples of cryptography. The Greeks, Persians, Arabs, French, and English, to name a few, were just some of the infinite number of societies and civilizations of which cryptography was crucial to their development. However, most of the examples described did involve people in positions of […] Continue reading

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Effective Podcasting

In the Darkode episode, the podcast producer structures the podcast as two narratives scattered with technical information to make the material more interesting. The first story told in the Darkode episode is about Alina Simone, who was extorted by a cybercriminal. The producer invited all the people involved in her story, including herself, her daughter […] Continue reading

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Heroes: A thing of the Past, or of the Imagination?

By A.A. BENJAMIN Storytellers struggle to make whimsical what the world makes dull. We foster deeper understanding by exaggeration, by parable and metaphor, or by creating what we wish were happening when it really is not. When renowned English texts like “Ulysses” by Lord Tennyson and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight begin with lamentations […] Continue reading

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Stories Give Life (and Give it Meaning)

When you listen to someone tell a story, it’s sort of like you get to live a small part of someone else’s life.  It could be the life of the storyteller, of a fictional person, or of someone else who first told the story.  In Andrea Barrett’s short story “The Behavior of the Hawkweeds,” from […] Continue reading

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