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Tears That Transcend

Urizen is a key character amongst the world of Blake whom captivates reason and rationality in a dangerous, threatening form. He is defined as “more than what we commonly understand by ‘reason’ as he is the limiter of Energy, the lawmaker, and the avenging conscience.”(Damon, S. Foster. A Blake Dictionary, Dartmouth College Press. Kindle Edition.) […] Continue reading

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Five Senses Are Not Enough

Amidst the extensive sea of William Blake mythology and lore is Urizen, a key character that represents the logical half of Blake’s dual fundamentals that consist of reason and imagination. While he spreads new knowledge is some areas of the world, he is also notorious for “spreading despair” which alludes to his eventual “downfall into […] Continue reading

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Debating The Song of Los

For next Wednesday (10/30), students will write a blog post for or against this debate prompt: Urizen’s weeping at the end of Blake’s “Asia” section in The Song of Los (Plate 7, line 42; p. 112) symbolizes remorse for all his injustices against humanity. We will debate this prompt in class.  Please categorize under “Urizen’s […] Continue reading

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Urizen’s Type of Tear

Blake created the characters of Urizen and Los as born rivals and with this, one of the two will triumph. The way “The Song of Los” is set up is similar to a debate. The beginning of “Africa” says, I will sing you a song of Los, the Eternal Prophet: He sung it to four […] Continue reading

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Tears for Pride

Urizen cries because he realizes that his reign over the people has finally rid him of Los and the people are surrendering themselves to the reason being subjected to them. Blake states that “The human race began to wither, for the healthy built/ Secluded places, fearing the joys of Love, / And the disease’d only […] Continue reading

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The Reason He Cries

Urizen is ultimately weeping about the same thing: the emergence of Los, or, revolution of the peoples through the ashes of long forgotten imaginations. His rule over the world is coming to an end, which is why in “Africa”, he “gave it into the hands of Newton & Locke” (110); “it“ being the ideology of reason. […] Continue reading

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