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Black Mirror: 200 Years of Sci-Fi Influence

SPOILER WARNING FOR BLACK MIRROR SEASONS 3 AND 4 Over the past decade, anthology series have seen a significant rise in popularity, particularly in the horror and science fiction genres. From “American Horror Story” to the revival of the classic series “The Twilight Zone”, anthologies are in high demand both on streaming services and on […] Continue reading

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Music of the Future as Depicted in Science Fiction Films

Have you ever wondered how cultures might change in the future? Will people hold on to their customs, or will individual cultures dissipate into an ever-growing melting pot? Science fiction has somewhat answered that question through its filmic presentation of music in technologically advanced worlds. Science fiction has integrated technology into current musical and cultural […] Continue reading

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The Invention Science Fiction Missed

“Today’s science fiction is tomorrow’s science fact.” This quote from Isaac Asimov rings true to our modern sensibilities, as on a daily basis we converse with AIs similar to those featured in many science fiction stories, watch digital billboards like those from Blade Runner, and communicate over phones and watches strangely reminiscent of Star Trek […] Continue reading

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The True Horror of Black Mirror’s Science Fiction Element

Black Mirror exists as one of the darkest examples of the realities of humans’ technological progressions, and its unmistakable satire of society’s response to such clearly distinguishes itself from other tales of similar subject. What it so successfully achieves is the illustrating of an extreme answer in response to what exactly technology can do to […] Continue reading

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Closet Improvement

For many people, an earth-shattering technological breakthrough, and one that I believe will happen in the next fifty years, would be a closet that arranges outfits on its own. One would simply put an item into the closet, and the closet would, perhaps through some kind of scanner system, identify the type, style, color, fabric, […] Continue reading

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