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Metamorphosis and Mirrors

[Please Note: This text contains minor spoilers for the 2017 television series “Twin Peaks: The Return.”] The season finale of “Twin Peaks: The Return” earlier this month created a seismic ripple amongst David Lynch devotees of the Internet. The proliferation of detail-obsessed fan theories, wikis in at least six languages, and thoughtful analytic pieces speaks […] Continue reading

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I’m A Little Lost: Is “Lost” Science Fiction or Fantasy?

The human psyche likes to put things into cleared defined boxes. In a complex world, setting up dichotomies or simple categories is a way in which to process all of life’s different intricacies by grouping them based on similar traits. We often find ourselves subconsciously making or accepting checklists to which we compare things. As […] Continue reading

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My thoughts on Needhan and scheduling normativity

I found the text by Gary Needham very interesting, but as a theatre, film and television student I also had some problems with the text and especially the beginning of the text.  Needham talks about television having the element of … Continue reading Continue reading

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Queer Time

It is so fascinating to learn about queer time, something i’d never known about or questioned previously. The idea of queer theorists having the general idea of breaking habits and show a skewed relation to the temporal norm is an … Continue reading Continue reading

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