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Heroes: A thing of the Past, or of the Imagination?

By A.A. BENJAMIN Storytellers struggle to make whimsical what the world makes dull. We foster deeper understanding by exaggeration, by parable and metaphor, or by creating what we wish were happening when it really is not. When renowned English texts like “Ulysses” by Lord Tennyson and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight begin with lamentations […] Continue reading

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The Disconsolation of Mentality

In the following link, Killian C Quigley compares the narrative structure of Antic Hay to Barri J. Gold’s “The Consolation of Physics: Tennyson’s Thermodynamic Solution,” drawing parallels between the scientific paper and the literature techniques Huxley utilizes. Speculating on a different approach to Huxley’s work, Quigley begins a discussion on the relationship between scientific methodology […] Continue reading

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