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A Bright Future

Reading time travel stories got me thinking about the way that cities might manifest themselves in the future. I imagine they’ll look something like Abu Dhabi or Dubai. Massive, reflective (glass IS the material of the future, isn’t it?), hopefully green. Green in multiple senses. Full of public parks and people mingling among trees in […] Continue reading

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A Letter From a Future Self

Dear PJ, Hello from the future!  I’m not sure what kind of paradoxes sending you this letter will lead to.  Surely it couldn’t have warped the space-time continuum too much or anything like that because apparently I still survived to write this letter to you.  Or maybe another Universe has been created and you are […] Continue reading

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Designer Babies Are All the Rage

(yes, this is for B3. I just posted early!) A/N: Mild spoilers for “Gattaca” below! I went into Gattaca knowing absolutely nothing about the movie other than the fact that it starred Jude Law and Uma Thurman (if one is going to star in a futuristic Sci-Fi movie, what better name than “Uma Thurman,” am […] Continue reading

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Robots and Post-Scarcity Society

Imagine a future reminiscent of the future featured in Frederik Pohl’s “The Midas Plague”, in which the entirety of the labor needed to provide for humanity’s needs and wants is performed by machines that operate automatically–by robots. This is hardly a new idea; a century and a half ago, many people were convinced that the […] Continue reading

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