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Reality of a Memory

In Never Let Me Go many of their possessions, including their body parts, are taken from them. However in class we emphasized society cannot take away their memories. But in The Island they don’t even have their own memories to keep. What they think are memories are just recycled thoughts assigned to each generation. But […] Continue reading

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Ignorance is bliss

While watching the Island and I couldn’t help but think, “wow, they all seem so happy.”  The characters just had one job, which was to be able to harvest their organs in the weekly lottery when the time came.  If we all had only one concern, one thing to think about and not need to […] Continue reading

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The Inevitable God-Complex

Michael Bay’s 2005 film The Island had several scenes straight out of the action movie handbook. While watching the movie, I looked away for 30 second of a chase scene and looked back to find the protagonists perched on letters on a skyscraper. Tried and true hooks like this surely helped the film pull in […] Continue reading

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The Lottery (reality) vs The Lottery (fiction)

In this article about the many themes in The Island, the author raises an interesting point of mass media being used as a way to control the masses. In fact, the lottery in the movie is very similar to the lottery in real life. One person is chosen to rise above the rest of the masses, to ascend […] Continue reading

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