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Free Will vs. Fate

Was it your choice to read this article? A single decision selected from an infinite pool of possibilities, placing you on a course completely dictated by your own conscious power of reason and choice? Or was this just another stepping stone in the endless stream of causality? An inevitable result of each and every event […] Continue reading

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Science Fiction: Disrupting the Art World?

Some previous posts on the blog have discussed how culture – art and fashion – are represented in science fiction. But is science fiction ever represented in art? I have two words for you: Meow Wolf. Meow Wolf is an immersive, interactive art experience based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The inaugural exhibition, The House of […] Continue reading

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1807 words for one big debate: science & religion

At the risk of anyone thinking that this post might offer anywhere near a comprehensive view of the interplay between science and religion – it won’t. I can’t even say that I’ll make a dent, so please start with no expectations. They’ll just ruin the fun.   With that said, let’s begin!   Disclaimer: I’m […] Continue reading

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Six stories. Six periods in history. Six genres. Six geographical locations. Six modes of storytelling. Cloud Atlas links these diverse stories together with the idea that characters are reincarnations of each other. If you thought, or maybe wished, that the reincarnation theme was just implied and not certain, Mitchell has dashed all your hopes because he […] Continue reading

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Learning my (sci-fi) ABCs

Can you believe it? The semester and the year are nearly over, and while I have plenty to look forward to (the holidays, meeting my dog again, catching up on hundreds of hours of sleep), there is a lot to look forward to in the world of science fiction… Continue reading

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A line of characters flooded the screen, alternating as my friend shifted her position in my keyboard. My book report was pulled up in Microsoft Word, the cursor blinking frantically as it tried to keep up with my friend’s sabotage. I just laughe… Continue reading

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On Physics Tests and Roses

I was miffed. “The names of the scientists are going to be on the test?” My honors physics teacher, who I regarded as a generally reasonable man, had lost touch with reality and was resorting to the lowest of low testing methods: rote memorization without purpose. Memorizing formulas was one thing–those were tools, mental shortcuts […] Continue reading

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Travel Through Space and Time is Lonely for Everyone (Except Andre 3000)

It isn’t easy being a protagonist in science-fiction literature about time or space travel; loneliness often seems to be a precondition to their lives. Sometimes, this loneliness is unavoidable: a solitary ten-year-long spaceship ride will probably make you miss other people, and it’s always difficult to develop a robust social rapport with people thousands of […] Continue reading

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Always Eat Your Meat

Once upon a time ahead The world began anew The animals we’ve known were dead Homo sapiens vanished, too Our kind may have disappeared But others still remained One race was brutish, to be feared The other, not the same The first ones-Morlocks, they were named Had bodies white as milk They hunted flesh, were beasts […] Continue reading

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Gray-tinted humans

At its essence, a human is human. A soft, malleable layer of flesh stretched over imperfectly constructed bones that act as a sort of rudimentary cage to guard the spongy organs we depend on to pulse life through us. Our flesh can be punctured. Our bones can be broken. Our organs can rupture. We are […] Continue reading

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