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A Letter From a Future Self

Dear PJ, Hello from the future!  I’m not sure what kind of paradoxes sending you this letter will lead to.  Surely it couldn’t have warped the space-time continuum too much or anything like that because apparently I still survived to write this letter to you.  Or maybe another Universe has been created and you are […] Continue reading

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Don’t Pet That Monkey

Dear Me: Hey, how’s it going? Wait, never mind, I already know. What you’re interested in is how I am doing (you know what I mean). Well, I’m doing great. College is great; I wish you could hurry up and get here already. Actually, you know what, disregard my previous statement. Take your time. Enjoy […] Continue reading

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Dear 8-Year-Old Kat

Dear eight-year-old Kat, No— No— No, wait, really— Okay, really, let me talk a minute. Yes, this is from the future. Yes, really. Really, really. What, you don’t believe me? Kid, you talk to trees. Give me a break. Yes, thirteen years later, you will still remember the time you mediated an argument between a […] Continue reading

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Hello from your future

Dear Dorchadhe, I use the Irish spelling of your name purposefully. You have always been fascinated by what things mean and how they came to hold that meaning. If this gets back to you after third grade like it should, you’ve already read that big red Oxford dictionary. You ask mom why all the time, […] Continue reading

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Dear colonial Kevin who hates tomatoes

Kevin, It’s Kevin.  No, not the redhead Kevin that lives next door, but you, ten years down the road. You want proof?  Well oddly enough I remember where you were this week in 2002.  You are currently in Glens Falls, New York visiting Mom’s family.  But be careful, because you fall out of a bunk […] Continue reading

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Blog 5: To My Younger Self

Dear skeptical Sean, I want you to know…no, more than merely know, but suspend all disbelief and wholeheartedly trust that this is indeed your older self writing to you from the future. Don’t ask why I’m doing this, and especially avoid asking how this letter arrived at your doorstep. Rather, just sit back and take […] Continue reading

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To: Me, From: Me (with love)

There may come a time in your life when you wish things could have turned out differently, that you knew exactly what the consequences of your actions would be.  Well, Yiran, here is your chance. Your letter from the future. Your guide to what will be. First of all, let me call spoiler alert. Those […] Continue reading

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Greetings from college!

Dear Hadley, How’s it going buddy? I hope high school is treating you well. Tenth grade was absolutely awesome if I recall correctly, so enjoy it. Believe me, getting your driver’s license is not overrated in the least. Yes, I know the Jeep sounds like it’s going to explode when you drive it over 40 […] Continue reading

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Latent humanism in space

Space seems lonely. Ask the Bachelor Sun. Ask Elton John or David Bowie, whose respective songs “Rocket Man” and “Space Oddity” each relate stories of lonely astronauts. “It’s cold as hell,” Elton tells us.  What’s more, there are not many people to make friends with out there, and even if you find them it’s hard […] Continue reading

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Science or Fiction?

Blog 3: Talking about time travel and relativity in this class and reading Kip Thorne’s book challenged many of the preconceptions I had about the applications and the reach of science. I had little knowledge of advanced physics concepts such as wormholes and time travelling. I knew that they were theoretically possible (meaning to me […] Continue reading

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