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I’m A Little Lost: Is “Lost” Science Fiction or Fantasy?

The human psyche likes to put things into cleared defined boxes. In a complex world, setting up dichotomies or simple categories is a way in which to process all of life’s different intricacies by grouping them based on similar traits. We often find ourselves subconsciously making or accepting checklists to which we compare things. As […] Continue reading

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Caught in the act

In writing my questionnaire, it was surprisingly hard for me to find a clip with people watching through a screen. This might be because of the lack of television I watch, or because the shows I do watch are British … Continue reading Continue reading

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Analysis of Gaze in “Nashville”

In the writing questionnaire, I described a scene from the pilot episode of the show “Nashville”; I now plan to revisit this scene with Berger’s and Mulvey’s arguments in mind.  To recap, the scene I discussed is a short (10-second) … Continue reading Continue reading

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