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The Future of Disease

Just recently, antibiotic-resistance genes were found in superbugs that inhabited soil samples. The catch: the superbugs were picked up in a remote region of the High Arctic, far removed from the nearest human inhabitants. Researchers on the ground stated that the only way those genes could have migrated so far, some even originating in India, […] Continue reading

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Don’t hack me

The first part of the RadioLab episode “Darkode” is probably the most interesting episode I’ve ever heard. Though it’s probably not very ethical of me, the story, the tone, and the voice just kept me laughing all the time. On the other hand, it does tell us something about internet privacy protecting. First of all, […] Continue reading

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Senegal: Health and Society

Health Care Workers Demonstrate in Dakar Hundreds of health care workers gathered this morning in Dakar to challenge the state to improve the health care industry. The peaceful demonstration was led mostly by health workers that are part of the Single Trade Union of Health and Social Action (SUTSAS). Like many African countries, Senegal’s health… Continue reading

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Blog 7: Alien Life and Its Characteristics

Just how foreign and novel could life be in the universe? To me this is not a valid question for two reasons: one, the scientific community has not yet arrived on a clear consensus on what separates life from non-life. Two, to postulate some wild, alternate biochemistry may seem like a legitimate stab at the […] Continue reading

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