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God is a Woman

Why does Milton need to “go down self annihilation and eternal death” ?(book 1, plate 15, line 22; page 162)   William Blake and Milton share views based upon spirituality and sexuality that explores realms of the self with God. However, in Blake’s  “Milton: Book 1, plate 2, lines 1-24; page 148) it discusses about […] Continue reading

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Lost in the Moment

In Blake’s Europe A Prophecy, he uses a character, Enitharmon, to represent womanhood; she is a character inspired by Blake’s wife. In A Prophecy, Blake describes Enitharmon falling into an eighteen-hundred-year-old slumber which he calls a “female dream” (ll. 5, 101). In the Blake Dictionary, it is stated that Enitharmon’s idea of a Woman’s world […] Continue reading

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A Woman’s World

In his work Europe A Prophecy, William Blake uses various characters and ideas that are amalgamations from his very mind, one of which is inspired by his wife Catherine Blake named Enintharmon who represents the essence of womanhood as “the Eternal Female” (Blake Dictionary 125). In “A Prophecy,” Enintharmon falls into a deep sleep for […] Continue reading

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More Than Capable of Completing Men’s Work

My copy of the book did not have any reading questions so I will do my best to interpret the first blog post question and answer it to the fullest extent. The roles that gender played in the codebreakers life and work World War II were significant. Women were subject to doubt, cut wages, and […] Continue reading

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WWII Codebreaking Badass Women

Although women born in the twenties could enjoy the results of women’s suffrage, they were not treated as equals in society. During the time of WWII, many families were extremely broken down. The adults in the family had to live with PTSD from growing up in the Great Depression. The kids in the family had […] Continue reading

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The Beautiful People: Manson and Blake in Death and Women

When observing the recitation of Blake’s “Proverbs of Hell” as done by Marilyn Manson, you do not expect the level of composure that Manson had when you look at his career as a musician/poet. With his rendition of the Blake poetry being spoken to the crowd, Manson delivers the symbolic imagery to the crowd in […] Continue reading

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Woman’s Power: Chastity, Seduction, & Flirtation

Enitharmon’s eighteen-hundred-year-old slumber is described as the “female dream” because it epitomizes all that Enitharmon wanted. As described in S. Foster Damon’s A Blake Dictionary, Enitharmon is a free woman, and hopes to use her freedom and indoctrinate man with the belief that woman have more power (Damon 132a). To exert her dominance and power […] Continue reading

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dreaming aint just for men

Enitharmon’s dream was gendered as female because of its connection to Los; hitherto, Europe was ruled and dictated by a man’s dream, hence: “eighteen hundred years: Man was a Dream!” (12/9, line 2, 101). The logic of reason, or the ideology understood through the character Urizen, had been the contemporary order of society. Therefore, by […] Continue reading

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Women And The Gaming World, also #Gamersgate

I’m not going to lie, I approached the whole gaming world with many pre-conceived notions and stereotypes of gaming culture and the very people that played these games. I pictured the overweight, late-twenties male in a stained and dirty t-shirt hidden in his parents’ basement playing games alone for hours, with the reflective glow of […] Continue reading

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The need for feminists

I was so frustrated by watching Miss Representation. Because I have been in this class all semester, I was aware of some of the more jarring facts before watching this film, but the overall effect was still unsettling.  Before taking … Continue reading Continue reading

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