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Faster-than-light Travel

Many different propulsion methods have been proposed for interstellar travel. One of the most intriguing is hypothetical faster-than-light travel. Most sci-fi movies contain this in some form, whether it be the Millennium Falcon traveling through hyperspace or the Endurance traveling through a wormhole in Interstellar. A few different methods have been postulated for faster-than-light travel. […] Continue reading Continue reading

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Science or Fiction?

Blog 3: Talking about time travel and relativity in this class and reading Kip Thorne’s book challenged many of the preconceptions I had about the applications and the reach of science. I had little knowledge of advanced physics concepts such as wormholes and time travelling. I knew that they were theoretically possible (meaning to me […] Continue reading

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One in a million

B3: In reading “Wormholes and Time Machines” from Kip Thorne’s Black Holes and Time Warps, several things became eminently clear to me.  Among them, the fact that the hard science of these subjects is anything but eminently clear to me, though there are a number of astute specialists hard at work (or perhaps, more aptly, […] Continue reading

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In Layman’s Terms…

Blog 3: After reading “Wormholes and Time Machines,” I must say I am impressed by all the thought put into the possibility of a wormhole creating the ability for an infinitely advanced civilization to travel through time. However, were I to bet on a more probable theory, my money is on Stephen Hawking’s skepticism. Say wormholes exist. Say […] Continue reading

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The Paradoxes of Time Travel

Time travel is a prominent theme of many science fiction stories and movies. However, is it actually feasible? Most authors will present a short description of how the time machine was created, but there are always numerous feasibility issues if one tries to fully analyze how the time machine is functioning. After reading about the […] Continue reading

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