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Naming Exoplanets: Explained

So you’ve just discovered an exoplanet via the Astrometric method, the Doppler method, the Transit method, or some other scheme. … More Continue reading Continue reading

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A solid break from stress and “Legion”

I think the moment I realized that I had gotten really into the game was when I stepped out of the Towers West Lounge and thought about walking backward to turn back time out of curiosity. That HUNT! puzzle killed me. I admit that I didn’t spend as much time playing the game as my … Continue reading “A solid break from stress and “Legion”” Continue reading

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Lunar Eclipse Creates an Apocalyptic View

Last weekend, one of the first two lunar eclipses of 2015 occurred and left a great view. The moon dimmed and turned red giving it an eerie and dark feeling, leading some people to dub it as a blood moon. As we have learned already, eclipses consist of two parts. The penumbra is when the […] Continue reading Continue reading

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The world of Hyrule

Let me start this off by asking: What is the greatest video game ever made?  Broad question, open to many opinions I realize.  By now you’re probably wondering what I think the answer to this question is, (no I’m not going to pick Assassin’s Creed).  The greatest game ever made is: “The Legend of Zelda: […] Continue reading

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