Jeff Shaw, Ph.D.


Jeff joined the Cover lab in June 2019 as a postdoctoral research fellow. His research focuses on understanding how certain pathogenic microorganisms are able to evade and overcome the host innate immune response. Jeff is particularly interested in elucidating how bacterial physiology is altered by effectors of the innate immune system, which allows some bacteria to sense, respond to, and even exploit these stresses to cause disease. Unlike many other enteric pathogens, Hpylori has an incredibly limited repertoire of known DNA regulatory proteins that respond to stress. This makes it an interesting system to study how specific modifications to cellular proteins, membranes, or DNA can lead to either precise, targeted responses or global regulation of cell physiology. Achieving a better understanding of how Hpylori is altered and overcomes the host innate immune system enables a greater potential for developing targeted therapeutic interventions that can reduce or eliminate infections and the associated sequelae. Outside of the lab, Jeff enjoys spending time with his dog, Lucy, and his cat, Albert. He also loves to watch competitive cooking and baking TV shows, and occasionally participates in the challenges or recreates contestants’ work in his own kitchen.