Final grades will be assigned using the following intervals of your final weighted raw score (no rounding) by default:

  • [99.0, 100] A+
  • [93.0, 99) A
  • [90.0, 93) A-
  • [87.0, 90) B+
  • [83.0, 87) B
  • [80.0, 83) B-
  • [77.0, 80) C+
  • [73.0, 77) C
  • [70.0, 73) C-
  • [67.0, 70) D+
  • [63.0, 67) D
  • [60.0, 63) D-
  • [0, 60) F

The factors that go into grading and the weight given to each are:

  • Quizzes and Assignments: 20 %
  • Exams:  60 %
  • Projects: 20%


A quiz must be completed before the Tuesday class in most weeks — it will be on the week’s study materials (video and/or reading). Quizzes are timed and submitted on Brightspace.


Assignments will be due at the end of most weeks, and may be on the material studied that week (both out of class and in lecture), or on an additional reading on design theory and practice. These will be submitted on Brightspace. In some cases the submission will have the same format as a quiz, but it will not be timed.

In a few cases I will have you “self mark” your assignments and quizzes in class, based on my rubric, and submit your self marked assignment. You will then be graded on both the assignment or quiz itself, as well as your marking of it. The intent is to increase your consciousness and to better learn of certain concepts.

There is a 10% penalty if an assignment is submitted <= 24 hours late, and a 25% penalty any time after 1 day late (unless and until the key has already been posted and discussed).


There are two exams during the semester (8:10 am FGH 134), and a Final exam.


You’ll work on one group DB design and implementation project , and one individual programming project in data mining.

Data Diaries

See Course Organization for more info on weekly data diary submissions.