Final grades will be assigned using the following intervals of your final weighted raw score (no rounding) by default:

  • [99.0, 100] A+ (if an A+ is not allowed, a special letter of merit from me)
  • [93.0, 99) A
  • [90.0, 93) A-
  • [87.0, 90) B+
  • [83.0, 87) B
  • [80.0, 83) B-
  • [77.0, 80) C+
  • [73.0, 77) C
  • [70.0, 73) C-
  • [67.0, 70) D+
  • [63.0, 67) D
  • [60.0, 63) D-
  • [0, 60) F

The factors that go into grading and the weight given to each are:

  • Quizzes and Assignments: 15 %
  • Exams:  60 %
  • Project (deliverables): 25%


A quiz will be given twice most weeks over Blackboard. One quiz will must be completed before the Tuesday class — it will be on the week’s study materials (video and/or reading). The second quiz of the week will be after the Thursday class, and will cover advanced exercises that were studied in the week’s classes. Quizzes are timed and auto-submitted.


Assignments on design theory and practice, requiring a reading, will be due at the end of the first few weeks weeks. These will be submitted on Blackboard. In some cases the submission has the same format as a quiz (on the reading) — it will be timed and auto-submitted.


There are multiple exams during the semester. Exams are given in the 8:10 am 048 ESB classes only.


You’ll work on one project , which will be a group design, implementation, evaluation, and presentation. Intermediate group project deliverables, to make sure you are on track, will be submitted during the mid weeks, prior to the final deliverables.


There is no formal factor in the grading equation for attendance, though I encourage regular attendance (and have made alternative meeting times available for this purpose). I  will be often taking attendance so that I can track attendance and performance, and so that I can report excessive absences on midterm and final grade reports. This is as much for your information as it is for mine. But again, attendance is up to you.

Data Diaries

See Course Organization for more info on weekly data diary submissions.