1)    Wednesday meetings and weekly quizzes >= 15% ; all meetings are required, and if a student attends and participates in all meetings, showing evidence of having assimilated the conference/journal paper readings (with a quiz score of >= 50%), then this component will count as 15% of the student’s final grade. However, if a student misses one or more meetings, which weren’t previously excused; has not done one or more readings; does unacceptably on one or more quizzes, then this component will count for more than 15%, and as much as 30% of the CS 390 final grade.

2)    COURSERA MOOC work and course completion is weighted <= 60% of the CS 390 final grade. In addition to following all submission and quiz guidelines for the Machine Learning MOOC, each student will ALSO submit a copy of their programming assignments and quiz results to Doug at the start of Wednesday meetings. MOOC work will typically count towards 60% of the final grade, but may count less if a student’s Wednesday meeting attendance and reading/quiz scores are below threshold.

3)    Together weekly meetings (>= 15%) and MOOC work (<= 60%) will count for a total of 75% of the CS 390 final grade.

4)    Final project is 25%; this will be based on a Powerpoint or Prezi presentation and supporting materials, to include experimental results