Exercises on Mobile Computing for Sustainability

Part 1: Examine each of the web sites of the eco-apps highlighted from this aggregated site: http://www.triplepundit.com/2014/04/3p-weekend-10-eco-apps-actually-worth-downloading/ (for number 5, Seafood Watch, use this URL: http://www.seafoodwatch.org/)

Seafood Watch
Carma Carpooling

In addition, read the descriptions of these five additional apps


Be prepared to do a special Quick Questions on Part 1 of this exercise.

Part 2: Prepare a one-page specification of a mobile app in a sustainability area of your choice (of which, by now, you have seen many). One-to-two paragraphs should clearly lay out the intended tasks of the app; a third paragraph on how you would evaluate the utility (“success”) of the app. Because you will be doing the midterm synthesis next in class, conclude with a paragraph on the computing technologies that might be used to implement the app, both that we have studied (e.g., machine learning, optimization, agent-based modeling, social computing strategies, including human-computer interactions) and otherwise (e.g., computer vision, audio signal processing). Optionally, include a picture (hand drawn is fine) of one or more interface screens of the app.

Upload your writeup as a PDF file to Blackboard. Optionally, post to Instructor and Student Notes as well.