Clinical & Translational Career Development

Translational Bridge

The Translational Bridge Seminar Series

These seminars are for MD and PhD investigators completing training and establishing their careers.  If that’s you, read on:

Why should I come to these seminars?

For some of you, because it’s required by your degree program.  For others, because your training program director nominated you, and you want to impress them, right?  But for all of you, these seminars offer:

  • Guidance on topics like grant writing, presentation skills, mentoring, career timeline, and getting a job in academia from successful, funded investigators.
  • Advice tailored to your career stage.
  • Fresh perspectives.  (Not that your mentors aren’t great, but no one knows everything!)
  • Responsible Conduct of Research credit (some seminars).
  • A chance to ask questions about topics of concern to you, such as:
    • In my situation, which K award should I apply for and when?
    • How should I handle my first faculty job negotiation?
    • What should I do about this conflict with my mentor?
    • A confidential environment in which to ask questions.
    • An opportunity to connect with others at similar career stages.



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Coming Up

Thursday, October 31, 2019
Translational Bridge Seminar: Interview Do's and Don'ts
Drs. Meg Chren, Trent Rosenbloom & Samuel Santoro
12:00 PM, 206 PRB

Thursday, November 14, 2019
Newman Society Seminar: How to Write Your K/CDA Progress Report
12:00 PM, 206 PRB

Recent Awards

Dr. Jennifer Sucre (K08)
Dr. Lori Coburn (VA Merit)
Dr,. Jennifer Herington (R01)
Dr. Lindsay Mayberry (R01)
Dr. Jonathan Schoenecker (R01
Dr. Young-Jae Nam (R01)
Dr. Lea Davis (R56)
Dr. Michael Ward (R21)
Dr. Richard O'Neil (VA CDA)
Dr. Xiang Shu (K99/R00)
Dr. Mark Moehle (K99/R00)
Dr. Doug Johnson (R01)
Dr. Daniel Barocas (R01)
Dr. Craig Brooks (R01)
Dr. Ashley Shoemaker (R03)
Dr. Wendy Bottinor (AHA CDA)
Dr. Bradley Richmond (VA CDA)
Dr. Lindsay Celada (K01)
Dr. Isaac Thomsen (R01)
Dr. Julie Lounds Taylor (R01)