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Lab Members


Crystal Coolbaugh, PhD, Senior Staff Scientist

Coolbaugh_BioPhoto_WebCrystal serves as an engineer, researcher, and project manager in the lab with a primary role on the “Physiology of Human Brown Adipose Tissue” study. Her research focuses on creating quantitative tools and solutions to explore the impact of movement on human health and physiology. An advocate of open and reproducible science, she shares many of her past software and product developments on her personal GitHub site (, some of which include: code to summarize individualized cooling data, FloWave.US to automate ultrasound analysis, and blueprints to build wearable monitors to track physical activity and heart rate.

Mark George, BE, Biomedical Engineer II

Mark is a 2018 graduate of Vanderbilt University with a BE degree in Biomedical Engineering.  He contributes to a variety of lab projects through code development, technical support, data collection and analysis, and study coordination.

Academic Trainees

Xingyu Zhou, PhD Student in Biomedical Engineering

Xingyu is a graduate student in Biomedical Engineering.  A graduate of Fudan University, he will working be working on methods for making accurate measurements of the muscle diffusion tensor.

Jason Lerner, PhD Student in Chemical and Physical Biology

Jason is a graduate student in Chemical and Physical Biology. He will be working on methods development and experimental studies related to muscle structure-function relationships.

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