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DIMLI Takes the Stage at VRA Conference March 12-15

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Chris Strasbaugh, director of the Visual Resources Center in Vanderbilt’s History of Art department, will talk about DIMLI (Digital Image Management Library) in several sessions planned for VRA 32, A Visual Approach, the 2014 Visual Resources Association’s annual conference held March 12-15 in Milwaukee.  Strasbaugh and his colleagues have developed the open source DIMLI, a web-based application written from the ground up using PHP and MySQL to interact with visual resources relational databases.

Strasbaugh will present DIMLI as a case study and how collaborations are being built across the university in a session entitled “The Teaching Turn:  From Static Collections to Dynamic Learning Centers.”  Strasbaugh has  transformed the department’s Visual Resources Center into a collaborative learning space where faculty and students alike can come to work on projects and refine imaging skills.

A participant in the poster presentation event, Strasbaugh will present “Fork Ahead:  Roadmap of the Migration Adventure at Vanderbilt University” in an attempt to stimulate dialogue with other visual resources colleagues.  At the annual VRA Camp, a forum for launching innovative ideas and sowing of seeds for future collaboration, he will highlight the progress of DIMLI since last year’s conference when it was initially introduced to the VRA.



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