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Strasbaugh & Sealy to Present DIMLI at VRA Conference March 12

Posted by on Thursday, March 5, 2015 in News.

With the Rocky Mountains as their backdrop, Chris Strasbaugh, director of HART’s Visual Resources Cent

er, and William Sealy, associate application developer, will make a joint

presentation on March 12 at the Visual Resources Association’s annual conference held March 11-14 in Denver, Colorado. As conference participants, Strasbaugh and Sealy will explore the latest developments in image and media management within educational, cultural heritage, and commercial environments.

DIMLI (Digital Media Management Library) is an open-source cataloging and workflow tool designed for the visual resources community to provide an accurate, efficient system for cataloging cultural objects. Web-based, easy to use, and free-of-charge, DIMLI was developed in the Visual Resources Center at Vanderbilt University. Many campus entities have adopted DIMLI for their use as well as other academic institutions around the country.

This past year has brought many changes to DIMLI, including a beta testing environment, additional features unlocking the potential for galleries, libraries, and archives, and a more robust discovery platform for the end user. This special interest group led by Strasbaugh and Sealy will focus on presenting both the present feature set and future development of DIMLI as well as answering questions about this new open-source tool.

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