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Posted by on Thursday, March 21, 2019 in News.

Anne-Sophie Dubosson comes from Switzerland. After completing her Bachelor’s at the University of Fribourg in Sociology and Communication as well as getting a Maîtrise from la Sorbonne- Nouvelle in Information and Communication in Paris, she went to the US to pursue a Master’s degree in French Literature at Miami University in Ohio.

Outside of academia, she also likes to write poetry and has published two poetry collections La trame de ton corps dans ce long voyage (Edilivre 2013) and De rage et d’eau (Torticolis et frères 2018) as well as collaborations with poetry reviews in France and Switzerland.

Her primary research interests are French Caribbean Literature, Postcolonial theory, Gender studies and ecocriticism. She is specifically interested in Haitian Literature and the post-quake narratives from writers in Haiti and Haitian Diaspora authors.