Undergraduate Program in Environmental and Sustainability Studies

The program was launched in 2012 after the development of a new minor in environmental and sustainability studies. This minor is focused on the humanities and social sciences, but it also includes exposure to the natural sciences. The options for majors and minors are described on the curriculum page.

Since launching in September 2012, the program has already graduated several minors, and several students have also completed interdisciplinary majors in environmental studies. Here is a list of what recent graduates are doing:

Class of 2013:

Katie Lopez (minor): project engineer, AquaAe Ter, Inc., an engineering and consulting firm in the energy, environment, and sustainability field

Alexandra Perraud (minor): environmental law, DePaul College of Law

Class of 2014 (more coming soon):

Sommers Kline (major in environmental justice): paralegal, National Environmental Law Center

Laura Mast (minor): PhD in environmental engineering, Georgia Tech

Kate Trotter (minor): teacher in Spain (gap year)

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