Undergraduate Program in Climate and Environmental Studies

The Program in Climate and Environmental Studies emerged from a faculty development initiative called the Cumberland Project, which helped faculty to develop courses in this area. With courses in place, in 2012 faculty launched the new Program in Environmental and Sustainability Studies with the minor in Environmental and Sustainability Studies.  In 2021, faculty developed the new major in Climate Studies, and the program was renamed Climate and Environmental Studies.

Students at Vanderbilt have an option to pursue various majors and minors in environmental and sustainability studies. For more information, see the undergraduate curriculum page and the climate studies major page. There is also a brief video available here.

The Program in Climate and Environmental Studies is home to the Climate Studies major and Environmental and Sustainability Studies minor. The program also houses campus events, shares information with students about course offerings and campus events, assists students with the development of majors and minors, and tracks internship offerings and alumni placement. For more information, contact David Hess, Professor of Sociology and program director.

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