The Program in Environmental and Sustainability Studies began graduating students in 2013, and the Environmental Sociology degree began graduating students three years later. This listing is mainly of alumni from the minor in Environmental and Sustainability Studies, who have a major or double major in many different fields. We also list some additional students from related programs who may be willing to help graduates who are looking for career advice and strategies. The science and engineering departments may have additional information. We list alumni of the interdisciplinary program in Environmental and Sustainability Studies regardless of their careers; some may opt to pursue their environmental interests through volunteer work separate from their careers.  This is not a complete list; rather, it is a list of students whom have remained in contact with us or have readily available web information. Most of the students can be contacted through social media site such as LinkedIn.


2011 and 2012

Leslie Labruto earned her BS in Civil Engineering, then completed the MSc management program in Sustainable Energy Futures at the Imperial College London. She worked at the Clinton Foundation, then became the Global Energy Lead for Acumen.

Scott Moskowitz is a Senior Analyst at GTM Research, a market research and strategic consulting firm where he analyzes global renewable energy markets and solar PV technologies.  Prior to his current position he was an outdoor educator for the Colorado Outward Bound School and Overland Summers and a M.S. student in Environmental Engineering at the University of California, Davis.

Emma Steigerwald is a doctoral candidate at the Shaefer Lab, Fakultät für Biologie, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität, Freiburg. Her project is “Combatting the impact of habitat fragmentation on the cooperatively breeding parakeet Pyrrhura orcesi.” She is also NSF Graduate Research Fellow at UC Berkeley Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management. She spent 2013-2014 as a Keegan Traveling Fellow for the project “Wildlife conservation in the world’s biodiversity hotspots.”

2013 Environmental and Sustainability Studies Minors

Katie Lopez was a project engineer, AquaAe Ter, Inc., an engineering and consulting firm in the energy, environment, and sustainability field. She has since become a PhD student in Civil and Environmental Engineering at Stanford University.

Alexandra Perraud earned a law degree at DePauw University .

Additional Environmental Graduates of 2013

Matt Genova worked  as a Research Fellow for the Nashville Civic Design Center, working to promote sustainability and health through improvements to Nashville’s built environment. He then worked as the Director of Community Engagement at Tuned in Broadcasting, and then went on to study urban and regional planning at Harvard.

Melinda Shearer is a graduate student in Materials Chemistry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  Melinda works on studying novel materials for solar energy conversion, specifically the transition metal layered dichalcogenides, which have promising properties for solar energy.

Katie Ullmann was a marketing manager at Mosaic, a solar industry financing firm. As of 2016 she was a consultant for renewable energy in New York City.

Skyler Hutto studied law at Indiana University School of Law in Bloomington, Indiana, and he then became a law clerk at the South Carolina Judicial Department. He also has interned at the South Carolina Coastal Conservation League.

2014 Environmental and Sustainability Studies Minors

Julie Lapidot became a financial analyst at Schneider Electric, a company that specializes in energy distribution, automation management, and energy usage optimization. She then became a financial analyst at Rubio’s Restaurants.

Laura Mast is pursuing a PhD in environmental engineering at Georgia Tech.

Kevin Mink became a forest restoration specialist at Trees Atlanta.

Kate Trotter taught English in Spain for a year and earned a master’s in graphic design, then moved to Nashville to work at  Music City Center as the Communications and Graphics Coordinator.

Additional Environmental Graduates from 2014

Patrick Burton served as an intern in the office Senator Hagel, Washington, D.C. , followed by work at Next Gen Climate in Iowa, and then as the Regional Organizing Director of the Ohio Democratic Party.

Audrey Jackson earned a master’s degree in Environmental Leadership at Naropa University in Boulder, CO, then went to the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation’s Knoxville Field Office, where she does outreach and food waste initiatives.

Kelsey Kaline is the senior project coordinator for the San Diego HUD point-in-time count. Since graduating she has conducted research in Water Resource Management at the Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola in Peru. Her capstone project focused on youth education to reduce water pollution, and also on the impacts of silver mining in the Amazon. She then became a volunteer lab technician for the San Diego Coastkeepers doing water quality checks of the estuaries and rivers in San Diego County.

Sommers Kline was a paralegal/legal administrator at the National Environmental Law Center in Boston, MA.  NELC is an environmental non-profit litigation center that focuses on Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act lawsuits. She subsequently became an associate at L.E.K. Consulting.

Oshane Mccrae earned a master’s degree in public health at George Washington U. and became a government affairs specialist at NACCHO Big Cities Health Coalition.


2015 Environmental and Sustainability Studies Minors

Vanessa Asaro became an intern at the Nashville Civic Design Center, then became the director of research at Development Strategies, Inc.

Lota De Jong worked in Africa and then as a researcher at Vanderbilt, and she plans on studying environmental management.

Zach Gellman is an associate at Digital Bridge Holdings.

Autumn Henderson works at Target as a Team Lead.

Phil Pfeiffer is a pitcher with the Mississippi Braves. He worked on a research project on sustainable stadiums.

Abbie Teurbe-Tolon  became the grants manager at Project Return.

Additional Environmental Alumni Graduates from 2015:

Michael Diamond studied Earth and Environmental Sciences at Vanderbilt and is a PhD student in the Department of Atmospheric Sciences and Program on Climate Change, University of Washington, Seattle.


2016 Environmental and Sustainability Studies Minors

Alex Bogdon became a field organizer for the Democratic Party in Florida.

Alice Contopoulos is in marketing at Stok, a vertically integrated real estate services firm focused on creating a radically better built environment.

Victoria Crenshaw is a Cultiva Farm Management Intern at Growing Gardens in Boulder, CO.

Melissa Dunn is an equity research analyst at Deutsche Bank.

Jacob Graham  was a programming intern at Walk/Bike Nashville, then became a Sustainability Associate at Vanderbilt.

Carson Henderson  works on Program Evaluation and Logistics at the Urban Green Lab in Nashville.

Alex Justice is a photographer in Nashville.

Daniel Rubin became a manager at Il Buco, a restaurant in New York.

Fallon Thompson is a consulting analyst at Cerner Corporation.

Additional Environmental Alumni Graduates from 2016:

Caroline Saunders was a project coordinator at the environmental news media organization Grist then joined Crowd Cow, a Seattle-based food startup that partners with independent ranches to source beef transparently and ethically.

Emmet McKinney was a research associate at the Environmental Law Institute, then went on to a master’s in urban planning at MIT (starting in 2018).


2017 Environmental and Sustainability Studies Minors

Cameron Burroway is a business advising agriculture volunteer, Peace Corps, Panama.

Jack Eynon worked in a fisheries and marine biology internship with the Navy in Seattle. He was responsible for field data collection, mapping with GIS, and report writing (NEPA documents, environmental impact statements, etc). A highlight has been attending some Olympic Coast Nat’l Marine Sanctuary Foundation committee meetings where the Navy, Coast Guard, Department of Fish and Wildlife, NOAA, NMFS, local tribes, commercial fishing, and many other interests are represented.

Mary Lewis is a business analyst at Deloit Consulting Strategy and Operations.

Dawei Li is a business partner at Aloa Labs (a start-up) and is working with Onward on a faith-based solar initiative in India.

Austin Torretti is an urban agriculture volunteer, Peace Corps, Senegal.