Undergraduate Curriculum

Students interested in environmental and sustainability issues have several options for a major.  Students with a science and technology interest often major in one of three areas: ecology, evolution, and organismal biology; earth and environmental sciences; or civil engineering (which includes environmental engineering).

Students interested in the social sciences may major in environmental sociology, which is the study of the environment and society relationship and includes some earth and environmental science courses.  Some students in public policy and anthropology also focus on the environment.

Students with any major may add the minor in Environmental and Sustainability Studies, which is a six-course minor with one course in the sciences or engineering, four courses in the humanities and social sciences, and a capstone course (usually ENVS 4101).  See the undergraduate catalog for the year that you entered to get the most recent information on the courses that count and the requirements.

For questions about options for majors or minors, see Professor Hess in Sociology.