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March 20-22, 2015.  Conference on Eco-Deconstruction: Derrida and Environmental Ethics. Speakers include Karen Barad, Claire Colebrooke, Michael Marder, Dawne McCance, Cary Wolfe, Vicki Kirby, Kelly Oliver, David Wood, Matthias Fritsch, Michael Peterson, Phil Lynes. Cosponsored by the Program in Environmental and Sustainability Studies, organized by Prof. David Wood. For more details, including registration and hotel booking information (available shortly) go to
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January 26, 28, and 30. Guest Lectures by Tiffany Wilmot. Stevenson 1210, 10:10-11am. These are open to all students and are part of the seminar on Environmental and Sustainability Studies.  Wilmot will lead a discussion on green buildings and certification on Jan. 26, on green urban design on Jan. 28, and on green careers on Jan. 30.  Wilmot is the president of Wilmot, Inc., a sustainability and green building consulting firm that provides clients with innovative, high-performance approaches to improve health, protect the environment, and save money.  Under her leadership, Wilmot has manaed a wide variety of large-scale public and private-sector projects for clients such as Nashville Music City Center, Ft. Campbell, and Vice President Al Gore.

January  12, 2015. 4-6pm (Monday). Buttrick 123.  (Located on the main floor inside the Women’s Studies area.) Two local environmental leaders, Tiffany Wilmot (a green buildings expert who has led the design of several major buildings in Nashville) and Chris Lunghino (attorney and Sierra Club Beyond Coal campaign organizer), will speak about their own careers and give pointers on how you can develop a green career.  Pizza will be served.

April 29, 2014 (Tuesday), noon, Buttrick 123.  Lori Hunter, associate professor of sociology at the University of Colorado and editor of Population and Environment, will speak on “Migration, Natural Resources and Livelihoods in Rural South Africa.” The results of several research papers are summarized — demonstrating intriguing associations between environmental factors and outmigration.  In general, households with higher levels of local natural resources are more likely to engage in temporary migration although this association is highly localized, varying from strongly positive in some villages to strongly negative in others. The socio-demographic factors underlying this “geographic scale sensitivity” are explored.

February 3, 2014 (Monday), 3pm, The Commons.  Tiffany Wilmot gave a tour of The Commons to talk about special features for energy efficiency.  The tour is part of the ENVS 99 class but is open to all students. It will meet in The Commons near the dining hall entrance a little after 3pm.  Ms. Wilmot is the president of Wilmot, Inc., and is a nationally recognized expert on green buildings and energy efficiency. Among her many achievements is working on LEED certification features for Al and Tipper Gore’s home and for the Nashville Convention Center.

January 24, 2014 (Friday), 10 am, Stevenson 1210.  Dodd Galbreath, Assistant Professor and Founding Director, Institute for Sustainable Practice, Lipscomb University: “Graduate Program Options in Sustainability Studies.”


Past Events 2012-2013

Nov. 9, 2012 David Hess, “Green Jobs, the Developmentalist State, and American Politics,” based on his newly published book Good Green Jobs in a Global Economy (MIT Press). Earth and Environmental Sciences Colloquium

Nov. 28, 2012 Charles Redman, Arizona State, ‘Transforming the Silos: Creating a School of Sustainability’-

Jan. 18, 2013. Scott Frickel, Washington State, “Do Disasters Change Scientific Fields? Wetlands Ecology Before and After Katrina.”

Jan. 23, 2013. Chris Ann Lunghino, “Careers in Environmental and Sustainability Studies: Law, Government, and Nonprofit Work.”

Jan. 30, 2013 “Careers in Environmental and Sustainability Studies: Business and Social Entrepreneurship.” Billy Parish.

Feb. 8, 2013, Workshop on Climate Change, Anti-Environmentalism, and American Politics. 12-1pm Bill Ruddiman, University of Virginia: “Climate Science and Climate Skeptics.” 1:15-5:30pm Workshop.  Presentations by Anthony Leiserowitz (Yale), Aaron McCright (Michigan State), and Timmons Roberts (Brown).

February 11, 2013 Beth Conklin, Chair of Anthropology, “Constricting the ‘Lungs of the World’: Water, Energy and Climate Change in the Amazon.” Feathinghill Hall Room 138, 4:10pm.

March 12, 2013- Campus lecture by  geographer Brent Millikan, Director of the Amazonia Program for the International Rivers organization, on water, energy, forest and climate change issues in Brazil. 4pm. Calhoun 109.

September 6, 2013 (Friday), at 2:00 pm.  Farhana Sultana, associate professor of geography, Syracuse Unviersity, “Climate Change as Hydro-social Change: Rethinking Water Crises in the Global South.”

August 30, 2013. The Robert Penn Warren Center for the Humanities, symposium on “Sacred Ecology: Landscape Transformations and Ritual Practice” on August 30, 2013.

October 2, 2013 (Wednesday), at 7pm, Wilson 126.  David Padgett, Associate Professor of Geography, and Director of the Geographic Information Sciences (GISc) Laboratory at Tennessee State University: “Applications of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Related Technologies in Community-Based Environmental Justice Research.” This will be a general introduction to GIS oriented toward undergraduate students in the Program in Environmental and Sustainability Studies.


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