Building Fan Anticipation: Disney Announces All its Movies Coming in the Next 4 Years

Dickens and Collins were superstars of their time, and this success can be attributed to their talent as authors, but also and perhaps equally important, their ability to market their books effectively. Through advertisements and serializing their works, these authors were able to capitalize on their popularity and make their quality novels extremely profitable. In trying to find a modern day equivalent to Dickens and Collins, I thought of Disney/Pixar, as the studio has continually produced quality work that have proven to be extremely popular and profitable as well. Last week Disney announced every movie that it will release in the next four years, and as a life-long fan its safe to say I was very excited when I heard this news! This is relevant to our class discussion as well, as I believe this strategic marketing campaign would be applauded by profit-seeking authors such as Dickens and Collins. Disney is capitalizing on their already massive following, and in releasing this news they are securing audiences for their future films, which is exactly what Dickens accomplished with Household Words. Anyways, check out the link as I’m sure there are a couple movies that everyone will be excited for.

Disney announced all its movies coming in the next 4 years — here\’s what you have to look forward to

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