South Park criticizes Ads

South Park is my favorite show on TV and has been for some time. While some of the content is vulgar and inappropriate I think the creators of the show, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, are two of the best and most creative satirists in recent memory. While they seemingly have nothing to do with Charles Dickens, I think the two actually share a lot of similarities with the famous novelist. The first link I have attached is a documentary called “6 days to air” which is an interesting look into the making of South Park and the creators’ struggles with deadlines, something we know Dickens struggled with as well. The show first aired in 1997, and yet it took until 2013, 240 episodes later, before Trey Parker and Matt Stone missed a deadline. ┬áDickens would appreciate such creative efficiency.

6 days to air

The second link I want to share in this post is a clip from South Park’s most recent episode which interestingly enough was about the prevalence of advertising in today’s society. It is obvious that Trey Parker and Matt Stone believe the amount of advertising present today is out of control, but I wonder what Dickens would think if he were alive today?

Ad clip


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