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Why do we need Multi-Factor Authentication (also knowns as “MFA”)?

Posted by on Wednesday, February 27, 2019 in Uncategorized.

PhishingHigher education institutions are common targets for opportunistic and nation-state attackers because of the wide variety of personal and research data available. The most common attack vector is compromised accounts as a result of phishing campaigns. These compromised accounts can grant threat actors access to all of the data to which the account is entitled. Vanderbilt is not immune to phishing campaigns and we continue to see an increase in the sophistication of these attacks. The addition of MFA will help secure access to VU resources by adding an additional layer of protection.

Below is a link to an article and video about MFA from a recent MyVU newsletter, as well as links to VUIT webpages with information regarding MFA:

Beginning March 18, 2019, Duo Multi-Factor Authentication will be required to use the VU’s Pulse VPN service.  Enroll in DUO to protect your accounts, systems and data.  Instructions can be found here: