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Work/Life Connections-Employee Assistance Program (EAP) – How to reach out for help and how to support this invaluable program.

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Health Wellness2Q:  What resources are offered through Work/Life Connections-EAP?

A:  1) Workplace coaching and free counseling to VU/VUMC employees and their spouses, 2) The Faculty and Staff Hardship Fund

Q:  What kinds of counseling and therapy are available through your office?

A:  Over the phone or in person, counselors assist with issues such as grief, anxiety, depression, family issues, and workplace issues. Couples counseling will resume once social-distancing restrictions are lifted.

Q:  What kinds of financial assistance do you provide?

A:  Employees can take advantage of our Hardship Fund. To schedule an appoint by phone, call (615) 936-1327 or by email There is an application process and an approval committee. We can provide a $50 Kroger card for food or gas when the employee comes in to meet with one of our counselors. If the application is approved, we can pay for bills such as rent/mortgage, utilities, car insurance or payment. The total that can be awarded is $650.00. The bills that we cannot pay are cell phones, medical bills, and cable.

Q:  Who qualifies for any of the above?

A:  An employee must have worked at Vanderbilt at least a year to qualify for the Hardship Fund. They also cannot be on any disciplinary terms. They must be a regular, full-time employee. If the employee is just needing a Kroger card, they can have that without those qualifications.

Q:  How is the Hardship Fund funded and how can I contribute?

A:  The Hardship Fund for Vanderbilt University is funded by donations only. Donate by:

  • Mailing or bringing cash or check to:
    • Vanderbilt Work/Life Connections-EAP
      Medical Arts Building, Suite 010 (basement)
      1211 21st Ave. S.
      Nashville, TN 37212
  • Specify VU Faculty/Staff Hardship Fund OR VUMC Faculty/Staff Hardship Fund
  • VUMC employees may donate by payroll deduction
  • Kroger Community Rewards Program