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Frank Wcislo is Associate Professor of History and European Studies.  He teaches courses on the history of modern Russia, Eurasia, and Europe. His research and writing incorporate issues of politics, identity, and culture in the pre-Revolutionary Russian Empire. His latest book, Tales of Imperial Russia: The Life and Times of Sergei Witte, 1849-1915 (Oxford, 2011), is a biography of one of the great statesmen of the tsarist empire and a history of the Victorian world he inhabited.  He is a recipient of university teaching and advising awards, as well as the Alumni Education Award awarded by the Vanderbilt Alumni Association in 1998.   He and his wife, Jane Wcislo, a physical therapist, travel frequently with Vanderbilt alumni. He is currently working on two books. One The Death of Autocracy, 1914-1918, is a study of The Great War and Russian Revolution, told through the perspective of the last royal rulers, Nicholas and Alexandra of Russia. The other, A Professor’s Freshman Year. How Students Live and Learn at College, is based on his experience as founding dean (2006-2015) of The Martha Rivers Ingram Commons,, where he led a residential faculty-centric first year undergraduate experience at Vanderbilt

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