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Dr. Andre Churchwell takes Manhattan

from Wayne Wood On a recent visit to New York City, Andre Churchwell, M.D., associate dean for Diversity at the Vanderbilt School of Medicine, met fashion photographer Rose Callahan for some portraits around the city. Since Dr. Churchwell is one … Continue reading

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Down to earth news judgment

by Wayne Wood During the big Flulapalooza event last month, in which Vanderbilt appears to have broken a Guinness world record for most shots given in an eight-hour period, one of the prizes offered to those who got a shot … Continue reading

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TEDMed was all about innovation, collaboration … kind of like us!

from Cynthia Floyd Manley Attending last week’s TEDMed conference, I couldn’t help notice some key themes. Collaboration. Innovation. Discovery. Creativity. I also couldn’t help but think, it’s so cool that Vanderbilt University Medical Center is here because we are all … Continue reading

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